Summer is heating up but we are still here for your gardening needs!

New Life Nursery
New Life Nursery
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    Where most plants are only $5

    About Us

    Who We Are

    We are a family owned back yard nursery.  We have over 5000 plants, over 125 different varieties to choose from - shade, sun; shrubs, perennials, succulents, groundcovers and small ornamental trees.

    Locally grown

    We start most of our perennials and shrubs from cuttings and divisions taken from our own landscape.  No greenhouse is used, which means they will thrive in your garden from the start.

    Most gallon sized plants are only $5

    Because we have little overhead, use recycled materials and grow our plants on site, we can offer them at a lower price than standard nurseries.  Still great quality plants, with no middleman.

    Contact Us

    Better yet, see us in person!

    Since this is our home we ask that you call or text before you come. 

    New Life Nursery

    20716 Menzel Lake Road, Granite Falls, WA 98252, US

    Call or text (425) 308-0603

    Summer Hours

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm by appointment

    Saturday: 8am - 7pm by appointment

    Sunday: Closed, except by special arrangement

    Don't let the "by appointment" designation deter you, just shoot me a text, if I'm here, I'm open (which is most of the time) No crowds, individualized attention, and you choose what  day/time works for you, evenings included!

    Plant Availability

    Current Availability

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    More About Us


    We seldom simply "buy and resell" plants, adding markups that drive prices up.  We create our own stock using cuttings or divisions of plants in our landscape using various methods.  

    Open to the public

    Although we are growers at heart, we have stock available at wholesale prices to the general public, removing the "middleman" so you save!

    Knowledgable and helpful

    You get the best of both worlds;  access to nursery quality plants at big box store prices. (or most often, less) We are gardeners at heart, and can help you with decisions about your landscape, and we are knowledable about the plants we sell.